high temperature insulation

MVP deals with the best insulating company in the business, our fully stocked warehouse gives us a big advantage in meeting your high temperature needs. Kaowool® is the gold standard of ceramic fiber products.

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Refractory and Brick Salt Lake City Utah

refractory & brick

MVP provides refractory products including castables, shotcretes, gun mixes, plastics, mortars and brick, all of which are locally available around the clock to meet your refractory needs.

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Foundry and Precious Metals USA

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foundry & precious metals

MVP will be here for you when others can't. If you require a coreless furnace lining, top cap or repair plastic, Silicon carbide, and Clay graphite crucibles or filters and pouring sleeves we have you covered. Give us a try and see for yourself the value of service.

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Power Plant Products USA

power plant products

MVP represents a well known group of companies that offer unparalleled expertise in engineering, manufacturing, construction, and aftermarket products and services for power generation. From the combustion system through the top of the stack the products we represent employ the finest technologies available to meet new and demanding goverment regulations.

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Refinery Products and Services USA

refinery products & services

MVP has assembled product lines that meet every processing need and turnaround capability. We offer waste heat boilers, heat exchangers, expansion joints, plugging and tube testing devices. Fan supply, repair, or modification are also a specialty.

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Acid and Corrosion Products USA

acid & corrosion

MVP represents one of oldest companies in the business. There's nothing Atlas Minerals & Chemicals haven't seen and solved. Their long history has included countless industry firsts.

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Minerals Processing USA


With our vast resources, MVP becomes a valuable partner in providing cost saving solutions when planning a maintenance shutdown. In addition to supplying refractory and pre-cast shapes we offer storage facilities for your key materials on a 24/7 availability basis.

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