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Vesuvius Foundry Tubes

KING-CARB Silicon Carbide and TERCOD Clay Graphite Crucibles and Protection Tubes

Vesuvius Foundry offers a Silicon Carbide and Clay Graphite Crucibles, Refractory Cements, Custom Silicon Carbide, Fused Silica Shapes and Thermocouple Protection Tubes.

KING-CARB crucibles are isostatically pressed carbon bonded silicon carbide, providing excellent thermal conductivity and wear resistance to non-ferrous metals. They are designed for electric resistance, induction and fuel fired applications

TERCOD crucibles feature a carbon bonded silicon carbide composition. They have been the “industry standard” for silicon carbide crucibles since 1917. These spun crucibles have a low coefficient of thermal expansion and will provide excellent resistance to thermal shock.

Morgan Ceramics
Morgan Ceramics Spouts
Morgan Ceramics Thermal Crucible

Thermal Ceramics Pre-Fired Spouts and Crucibles

    Thermal Ceramics is well known for its high temperature products that have a variety of applications. They offer high alumina crucibles that range of standard sizes up to 2,250 lbs steel capacity; specials up to 5,600 lbs steel capacity. Their Pre-Fired Spouts offer an excellent resistance against thermal shock and cycling.

Quick change-out time, consistent flow/pour characteristics, and are available in 66% to 95% alumina contents.

The Joy-Mark CF series of insulating riser sleeves and CFX series of exothermic riser sleeves
provide the foundry with a reliable cost effective approach for optimizing feeding efficiency, improving
quality, and lowering cost. Stringent manufacturing procedures and quality control standards ensure
that your risering needs will be met on a continual basis.
Joy-Mark CF insulating and CFX exothermic riser sleeves offer the following advantages over
ordinary sand risers:
• Reduction of heat loss allowing smaller risers to be used
• Improved casting yield
• Reduction of melting and cleaning room costs
• Reduction of piping and shrinkage
• Maintain integrity – will not contaminate sand system
• Improved soundness of castings
• Light weight yet strong compositions to withstand molding
• Low smoke and fumes
• Reduction of remelt volumes
• Easily modified to create special feeding effects while
maintaining thermal performance

Joy-Mark Feeding Aids & Filters Products 1
Joy-Mark Feeding Aids & Filters Products 2

Ceramic Fiber Compositions

Joy-Mark offers a variety of different ceramic fiber sleeve compositions. The available selection
allows the foundry to optimize performance and minimize cost for their specific application.


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As a top tier supplier of Foundry and Metals Processing refractory and insulation materials the choice is MVP for the highest quality warehoused products available to you 24/7. Crucibles, sleeves, filters, refractory lining materials, and high temperature insulation products are a strength of MVP and their factory trained team of sales associates. When you are on the hot seat for performance MVP is the best choice!