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Hydrostatic Test Plugs for Pipe, Pipelines & Pressure Vessels

Specialty Tools for Valve Changing, Soldering & Wet Tapping

EST Group is a global manufacturer and designer of pipe and tube pressure testing and plugging equipment. Since 1968 the company has specialized in development, manufacturing and marketing of tools and systems that greatly simplify the maintenance of shell and tube heat exchangers and that speed-up in-service inspection of pipe, pipelines, piping systems and pressure vessels.

Curtiss Wright-Hydrostatic Test Isolation Plugs

Hydrostatic Test / Isolation Plugs

Test plugs provide safe and effective testing at working pressures up to 14,000 psi. Isolation plugs are designed for isolating and testing weld joints of any welded flange-to-pipe connection. More…

Curtiss-Heat Exchanger and Condenser Tube Plugs

Heat Exchanger / Condenser Tube Plugs

Tube plugs are designed for quickly preparing and plugging leaking heat exchanger, condenser and boiler tubes in operating pressures up to 7,000 psi. Installation systems and tools are available.   More…

Curtiss-Plumbers Specialty Tools USA

Plumber’s / Specialty Tools

Compact, lightweight tools for tapping into existing pipelines under pressure. Plumber’s tools for simple valve changing, soldering and wet tapping. More…

ProcessBarron Auxiliary Equipment

The Detroit Stoker Value // Our Green Promise

Providing cost effective energy solutions while responsibly supporting the evolving market for cleaner sustainable energy.

Providing cost effective energy solutions while responsibly supporting the evolving market for cleaner sustainable energy.

Detroit Stoker Company leads the way in unlocking the value of renewable energy sources. Industrial and municipal solid waste can be recycled as renewable fuels which is both cost effective and environmentally friendly. Every day, more than 135,000 tons of biomass and refuse are burned on Detroit® Stokers, the largest of which produces more than 100 MWe.

Detroit® Combustion Systems around the world generate power from diverse waste products such as:

Bagasse • Bark • Biodiesel • Grain Waste • MSW • RDF
Palm Oil Residue • Poultry Litter •  Sawdust • Sunflower Hulls

See more fuels DSC combustion equipment can burn.

Thermal Ceramics Insulating The World USA
Vesuvius USA Refractory

As a top tier supplier of Foundry and Metals Processing refractory and insulation materials the choice is MVP for the highest quality warehoused products available to you 24/7. Crucibles, sleeves, filters, refractory lining materials, and high temperature insulation products are a strength of MVP and their factory trained team of sales associates. When you are on the hot seat for performance MVP is the best choice!


Mountain View Power and Industrial Incorporated Logo

 The strength of our position in the Power Plant Industry is built on representing the finest suppliers of boiler related materials and engineered systems. MVP provides a full line of Power Plant equipment that takes our customers from the front door of a plant through the stack. Fabricated boiler components, EPC capability, design and modeling of “in-kind” or upgraded materials and configurations, and installation services puts MVP and their associated companies on the front line of boiler related suppliers.