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Tube Plugging System


Rapid preparation and plugging for heat exchanger, condenser and boiler tubes

Quickly Prepare and Plug Leaking Heat Exchanger, Condenser and Boiler Tubes
Install and Remove Plugs Without Welding or Explosives
Locate and Identify Leaks

EST Group offers a complete line of tube plugs and plugging systems designed for quickly preparing and plugging leaking heat exchanger, condenser and boiler tubes. Plugs are suitable for service in operating pressures up to 7,000 psi (480 Bar) and are designed to be installed without welding or explosives. A variety of systems and tools are available for installation and removal.

POP-A-PLUG: CPI/PERMA MEDIUM PRESSURE PLUGS-The Fast and Safe Way to Seal Leaking Heat Exchanger, Condenser, Feed Water Heater, Chillers, and Boiler Tubes <1000 psi

Taper pins can turn into lethal projectiles — and that can pose a real safety hazard for your workers. Now you can eliminate this danger with EST’s Pop-A-Plug® CPI/Perma Plug. Resistant to thermal cycling and able to provide a seal that’s helium-leak tight, EST’s Pop-A-Plug® CPI/Perma Plug installs using controlled force. This protects against damage to tubesheet ligaments and adjacent tubesheet joints, extending the life of your heat exchanger and reducing costs when you need to retube. What’s more, the Pop-A-Plug® CPI/Perma Plug takes only seconds to install. Its broad expansion range fits multiple gauges, so you need to keep fewer plugs on hand — reducing inventory and cutting costs.

CPI High Plug
Boiler Plug

The Pop-A-Plug® CPI/Perma Plug is part of a high performance tube plugging system. Tube preparation is the second component. EST removes all tube prep uncertainty by supplying a kit of brushes to cover the Pop-A-Plug® CPI/Perma Plug's entire expansion range. Other materials are available on a consult factory basis. Ask us about through-the-tube plugging of non-U-tube heat exchangers.

POP-A-PLUG® P2 Provides the Permanent Performance of Explosive or Welded Tube Plugs at a Fraction of Their Cost -

Documented Savings of 80% - Compared to Competitive Tube Plugging Techniques

When pressures go up to super-critical levels, there's nothing like EST's Pop-A-Plug P2 Tube Plugging System. A proven long-term performer in coal-fired power plants and nuclear stations, the P2 features patented internally serrated rings designed to maintain a leak-tight seal under extreme thermal and pressure cycling.

Installation is simple: prepare the tube using the brush and size the tube with the Go/No-Go gauge supplied; install the correct size plug with the hydraulic ram. The ram pulls the tapered pin through the ring, expanding it into the tube. When the proper installation pressure is reached, the breakaway pops like a pop rivet. This controlled installation force protects surrounding tubes and adjacent ligaments.

Pop-A-Plug P2 Tube Plugging System reduces downtime, eliminates welding and explosives, and will not damage your tubes, tubejoints or tubesheet. Fast, safe and simple - just "Set 'Em and Forget 'Em".

Tube Stabilizers

Tube stabilizers are designed for stabilizing fractured or severed heat exchanger tubes while tube sleeving is designed to effectively repair damaged tube ends.

Hydrostatic Test / Isolation Plugs

Safe, effective solutions for rapid testing and repairs

Test Open End Pipes, Pipelines, Tubes and Pressure Vessels
Perform Flange-To-Pipe Weld Testing
Isolate and Test Pipe Connections

EST Group offers a complete line of hydrostatic test plugs and isolation plugs for pressure testing of pipe, pipelines and pressure vessels. Test plugs provide safe and effective testing at working pressures up to 14,000 psi (960 Bar). Pipe OD and ID sealing versions available.

Isolation plugs are designed for quickly isolating and hydrostatically testing weld joints of any welded flange-to-pipe connection as well as isolating pipe ends during cutting, grinding and welding operations.

Also available are hydrostatic test pumps that are ideal for use with our entire range of pressure test plugs.

GRIPTIGHT PLUGS: Test Open End Pipes, Pipelines, Tubes and Pressure Vessels Quickly and Safely

High pressure pipe testing is safer than ever before, thanks to EST's GripTight® High Presure Test Plug. Unlike other plugs that can loosen and eject under high pressure - even becoming dangerous projectiles - the GripTight actually uses test pressure to seal more securely against the pipe's inner diameter. The greater the pressure - the greater the grip! The result is safer installation, better sealing and all around safer testing.

Double Block And Bleed Isolation Plugs

DOUBLE BLOCK AND BLEED ISOLATION PLUGS: Positively Isolate Explosive Vapors From Hot Work Areas When Performing Modifications and Repairs

EST’s Double Block & Bleed (DBB) Plug revolutionizes isolation and testing of pipe connections. The DBB Plug allows an operator to positively isolate and monitor potentially explosive vapors during “hot work”, then effectively hydrotest the new weld connection with one easy to use tool. The Aluminum/Steel construction makes the tool highly portable, and easy to position. The volume of water required for a test is so small that testing can be accomplished using a hand pump. This greatly facilitates testing in remote areas of the facility.

HIGH LIFT FLANGE/WELD ISOLATION PLUGS: Steam, Sniff, Purge, Weld and Test - All With The Same Plug

EST reduces the expense, downtime delays, and waste disposal problems associated with conventional flange-to-pipe weld testing. Our High Lift Flange/Weld Test Plug lets you monitor downstream conditions, isolate and purge the weld area, perform the weld, and hydro test weld joint to ANSI B16.5 requirements using only one tool. No blind flanging upstream, no vacuum truck for evacuating the line, and no X-raying. Just a simple, rock-solid tool that saves time and money every time you use it. (One of our refinery customers reports that it pays for itself one-quarter of the way through the first use!) Each test requires a minimum amount of water, and there's no need to fill the entire line. You'll use less water,and minimize your environmental liabilities.

Heat Exchanger Testing Guns

Heat Exchanger Testing Guns

G-150 Tube Testing Guns are designed to pneumatically test individual tubes in a heat exchanger for pinhole leaks. Either the entire tube bundle or an isolated number of tubes in the bundle can be tested using standard plant air supplies from 40 to 125 psi (2.7-8.6 bar).

Interchangeable Seal and Washer Sets allow the G-150's to test tube sizes from 0.280" to 1.230" (7.11mm to 31.24mm) I.D. The larger G-150A Testing Guns will operate in tube sizes to 2.500" (63.5mm) I.D. G-150 Tube Testing Gun Set includes one G-150 Air Injection Gun and one G-150 Tube Plugging Gun. The G-150 Air Injection Gun and G-150 Plugging Guns weigh less than 2.1 lbs. (1 kg) apiece. The G-150A's weigh less than 2.4 lbs. each.

G-250 Vacuum Test Gun

G-250 VACUUM TEST GUN: Quickly seal off and evacuate individual heat exchanger tubes to test the tube for leakage

G-250 Vacuum Tube Testing Guns are designed to quickly seal off and evacuate individual heat exchanger tubes to test the tube for leakage. Operation is easy. Connect standard plant air supply to the active vacuum gun and insert the conical seal into the end of the tube to be tested. Insert the passive plugging tool into the opposite end of the tube. Depress the air control valve, air flows through the vacuum generator and evacuates the tube. Release the air control valve and any loss of vacuum indicated on the vacuum gauge identifies a leaking tube. An optional digital vacuum gauge increases the operators ability to detect even the smallest pinhole leaks.


G-450 TEST GUN: Enables testing of straight tube heat exchangers with restricted access

G-450 Tube Tester is designed to allow testing of straight tube heat exchangers when access is restricted to one end of the tube. Ideal for testing tubes in floating head HX applications with the tube bundles in place. Saves time expense of open both ends of the bundle, or pulling, handling and replacing the tube bundles.

The G-450 Tube Tester will pneumatically test individual heat exchanger tubes for pinhole leaks. Either the entire tube bundle or an isolated number of tubes in the bundle can be tested. The G-450 utilizes standard plant air supplies from 40 to 125 psi (2.7-8.6 Bar). Interchangeable Support Rod & Tube Assemblies, and Seal and Washer Sets allow the G-450 to test tube sizes from 0.500" to 1.230" (12.70mm to 31.24mm) I.D.

Specify the following information when ordering:

Tube OD and wall thickness

Tube length, tubesheet face-to-face dimension

Number of tubes to be tested

Length or depth of any channel head present, or

Distance from open tubesheet face to any obstruction along the bundle axis that would block unrestricted access to the tube end.


G-650 TUBESHEET TEST GUN: Quickly seal off and evacuate individual heat exchanger tubes to test the tube for leakage

The G-650 Gun operates on standard plant air supplies from 40 to 125 psi (2.7-8.6 bar). A highly efficient venturi creates 21-24 in-Hg (707 to 808 mBar) vacuum on an inlet air supply of 100 psi (6.8Bar) and 10 SCFM. Interchangeable Manifolds, and Seal and Washer Sets allow the G-650 to test tube-to-tubesheet joints on 3/8" OD to 1-1/4" (9.52mm to 31.75mm) OD tubes sizes from 0.280" to 1.230" (7.11mm to 31.24mm) I.D. The larger G-650A Joint Testing Gun will accommodate 1-1/2" to as large as 2-1/2" tube sizes.G-650 Vacuum Joint Testing Gun quickly test expanded tube-to-tubesheet joints for leakage. Ideal for heat exchanger manufacturers or companies performing retubing operations. The G-650 Gun seals the tube ID and along the tubesheet face, then evacuates the tube end at the joint. A loss of vacuum indicates a leaky tube joint.

The G-650 Guns are not suitable for testing excessively belled / flared tube ends, or tubes with welded tube-to-tubesheet joints.

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